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Creating Connections, Delivering Results.

End to end marketing services that provide a clear path to your goal.

We're the agency for local business

We're The Agency You've Been Looking For

Gone are the days of high budget, high service fee, complex marketing. In 2023, we need to operate smart, efficient, and automated.

We've built systems and processes for localized businesses that combine a hands on software with our three part system, that has ended in massive business results for those we've helped over the years.

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

We Believe in marketing psychology followed by flawless systems.

  1. Start with the Website

  2. Fix the leaky bucket

  3. Create content and advertise

Theres no other way around it - if a lead contacts you, and you don't reply within 5 minutes, theres an 85% chance they're on to the next business ready to solve their problem.

Our system starts with solving that problem, and expands from there. It makes no sense spending your money on advertisements if you aren't ready for Scale.

Our Services

Effortless setup, seamless automation for peak efficiency, and a magnet for fresh opportunities!


Website Design & Hosting

Unlock the Power of Digital Presence – Engage, Impress, and Convert! Grab our exclusive deal where you only cover the web hosting, and we'll craft your professional site for FREE!


Automation and Follow Up

Discover how we transform your sales process with automation magic, so you can scale effortlessly without getting swamped as your business SOARS!


Lead Generation

Get set for innovation in lead generation! Tailored to your budget and expertise, our diverse strategies kick in just when you need them.

About Us

Why Mindset Marketing is recognized as one of the Top Marketing Agencies in Michigan

Mindset Marketing, Traverse City, Digital Marketing

Passion Plus Perseverance is our fuel.

In 2017 we set out on a common journey. Our goal was simply to help educate and transition businesses from thinking of marketing in a Traditional sense, and bridge the gap over to Digital actions.

This path wasn't unique. Thousands of people have started marketing agencies in the past 10 years. And we are well aware.

What's happened in our six short years is what sets our team apart.

We've won, we've lost, we had massively successful campaigns, and we have failed miserably. We've also tried every platform/software/tool you can use that has to do with marketing or communications. Over 100 unique clients, in all sorts of industries has forced us to find a solution that can fit any situation.

This burning curiosity to help our client base succeed is what led us to who you see in front of you today.

We love what we do.

We're patient.

And we don't stop until the job gets done.

Mindset Marketing has evolved into a full service digital agency, capable of providing features of digital marketing, or services and solutions hands on. Whether you have an in house team, or you are a solo-preneur just looking for some expert advice with a next door neighbor feel...

We're the Agency You've Been Looking For.

Our Design Process

1. Discovery Call

A quick meet call to get to know your requirements and how our team can help you

2. Ideation

The team starts working on the brief provided by you and builds a strategy around it

3. Iteration

Multiple revisions after the design is completed to ensure client satisfaction

Our Mission

We Believe in easy access to full scale marketing services, with a local passion

Our Philosophy

Online marketing is misunderstood. We're here to rewire the marketplace.

Our Promise

Fast delivery, problem solving, and over communication.

Our Guarantee

Low prices, hands on help, and a knowledgeable team.

Our Blogs

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Discover the Secret Sauce of Google Ads: Your Ticket to Digital Triumph!

April 24, 20243 min read

Hey there, fellow digital fanatics! If you've ever been puzzled about what units Google Ads aside from the advertising crowd, you're in for a treat. As someone knee-deep in online marketing, allow me to take you on an adventure via the wonders of Google Ads, in which each click counts and every conversion appears like a victory dance.

A person using a laptop

1. Cracking the Code of Intent:

   Ever discovered yourself Googling a product or service and landing on a page that feels like it read your mind? That's the beauty of Google Ads in motion. Unlike blasting your message to the hundreds and hoping for the first-rate, Google Ads puts your logo smack dab in the front of folks actively attempting to find what you offer. It's like being the big name of a show wherein the audience is already cheering for you earlier than you even step on degree!

2. Bullseye Targeting:

   Imagine having a magic wand that lets you pinpoint your audience with laser-like precision. With Google Ads, you don't want fairy dirt for that form of sorcery. Whether you are after young urbanites or seasoned gardeners, you could tailor your advertisements to attain exactly who you need, wherein, and while you want. It's like conversing with your dream clients, besides they're knocking on your door!

3. Budget-Friendly Flexibility:

   Are you concerned about burning your finances quicker than a wildfire? Fear now not, my pal. Google Ads helps you to manipulate your spending and track each penny like a hawk. With alternatives like value-in-line with-click-on and price-in-line with-impression bidding, you decide how much you spend and wherein it is going. Plus, with real-time analytics at your fingertips, you could tweak your approach like a seasoned pro.

4. Unleash Your Creative:

   Let's face it - boring commercials are so ultimate season. With Google Ads, you're the grasp of creativity, and the sky's the restriction. Whether you are weaving testimonies with textual content commercials, wowing crowds with show ads, or bringing your brand to lifestyles with video campaigns, you have got the tools to paint your masterpiece in pixels. It's like having a virtual artwork studio in which every advert is a stroke of genius!

5. Results That Speak Louder Than Words:

   At the end of the day, what topics most are results, right? Well, buckle up due to the fact Google Ads grants them in spades. You can see exactly how your campaigns carry out in real time with nifty monitoring tools and juicy analytics. No greater crossing your arms and hoping for the best—with Google Ads, you get complicated data that tells you what's operating, what is now not, and the way to course-accurate like a champ.

In a nutshell, Google Ads isn't only a advertising tool - it's a recreation-changer. By tapping into the power of motive, laser-focused targeting, finances-pleasant flexibility, creative freedom, and measurable outcomes, you may take your digital advertising recreation from 0 to hero in no time. So what are you expecting? Dive into the world of Google Ads and allow the magic spread earlier than your eyes!

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Andrew Futrell

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Mindset Marketing is a Full Service Communications agency formed in 2017 in Detroit Michigan. Since inception, we have assisted 70+ local brands, all around the United States.



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